class boasted such talent as "Big John" Mazmanian, Stone-Woods-Cook, K.S. Pittman, Jr. Thompson, and, of course, "Ohio George." No racer in the gasser ranks could match Montgomery's record in national event competition. The class winner on many occasions at the U.S. Nationals, Montgomery drove his AA/GS machines to victories in Indy on four different occasions and also claimed an additional three titles at other events. Montgomery's domination of Indy was especially significant because it was the only national event on the NHRA schedule for many years - hence the biggest race in terms of bragging rights. Montgomery quickly established his reputation as the top racer and became known to his fans as "King of the Gassers." Many of his innovations helped to propel drag racing to where it is today. In 1969, he introduced something completely new to the sport - a twin-turbo charged engine in his Mr Gasket Mustang Gasser. This car featured a monstrous twin turbocharged Boss 429 Ford engine that made approximately 1800 HP on pump gas. This News Paper Clipping from 1969 testifies to "Ohio George’s" domination of the AA/Gas field that year:

"NATIONAL TRAIL RACEWAY, Columbus, Ohio (April 20, 1969) -- George Montgomery routed the entire field of AA/GS as he systematically put away Jr. Thompson with an 8.85 to Jr.'s 9.15; K. S. Pittman with an 8.97 to Pittman's 9.07 and Stone-Wood-Bones with an 8.68 at 163.63 to Bones' 9.16 at 156.52."

"Ohio George" so dominated with this car that NHRA eventually banned it from competition. Still, "Ohio George" looks back on his racing career with fond memories. "I guess one of the biggest kicks I ever got out of racing was that I was able to win with both my Cadillac and my small-block Chevy. Everyone else was running big Oldsmobiles or Chrysler Hemis. They'd make a big deal about who beat whom in match races on the West Coast and how fast everyone ran. But every time they'd come to Indy, they never could beat me. Though I later did switch to the Ford SOHC Hemi, I never did have to race a Chrysler Hemi to stay competitive."

After 1970, the nitro-burning Funny Cars, which were regularly dipping into the six-second zone, began eclipsing the popularity of the AA/GS contingent. Many of the AA/GS top stars, such as Stone-Woods-Cook, switched to the Funny Car ranks, but eventual lack of participation later prompted NHRA to drop the class from the Rulebook.


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