One of the most colorful chapters in drag racing history is the saga of the AA/Gas Supercharged coupes that created some of NHRA's most intense rivalries from the late 1950s through the early 1970s. The combination of supercharged engines in full-bodied cars presented a readily identifiable package for the race fans, and the AA/GS entries were, in essence, the forerunners of Funny Car and Pro Stock. In its heyday, the class boasted such talent as "Big John" Mazmanian, Stone-Woods-Cook, K.S. Pittman, Jr. Thompson, and, of course, "Ohio George" Montgomery. No racer in the gasser ranks could match Montgomery's record in national event competition. The class winner on many occasions at the U.S. Nationals, Montgomery drove his AA/GS machines to major Eliminator victories at Indy on four different occasions and also claimed an additional three Eliminator titles at other events. Montgomery's domination of Indy was especially significant because it was the only national event on the NHRA schedule for many years - hence the biggest race in terms of bragging rights. Montgomery quickly established his reputation as the top racer in his chosen area of competition by driving his supercharged/injected A/Gas entry to strong 11-second times for back-to-back class and Little Eliminator victories at the U.S. Nationals in 1959 and 1960 when the event was held in Detroit. After the race relocated to its permanent home in Indianapolis in 1961, Montgomery won his third consecutive class title. Soon after the establishment of the AA/Gas supercharged class, Montgomery switched to a blown small-block Chevy engine and won both class and Middle Eliminator honors at the 1963 Nationals with low 10-second performances, and he followed with still another class win in Indy in 1964.

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